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2 -1 Dense foam provides sound reduction under engineered and laminate flooring
Closed cell foam for moisture protection

Use for radiant heat floors
Mold and mildew resistant
Anti-crush technology for performance and long life
2mm thick foam


Foam underlay for laminate flooring - 3mm thick basic foam underlay. Ideal for use on existing wooden floors or concrete floors (when used with a damp proof membrane).

The foam underlay can be used with any floating floor such as laminate flooring or engineered floors. It is ideal to smooth out imperfections in the floor, reduce sound travelling between floors, absorb impact and shocks to the laminate and to allow the click system to have some tolerance to movement.

Floor Muffler is a premium acoustical floor underlay. It has been environmentally designed for sound insulation and impact noise control under floating laminate flooring, engineered wood and solid wood flooring. It is an excellent choice for commercial and residential installations.


(STC 73, IIC 72*)


Solid Sound Plus! is a high-performance, 2mm foam underlay, engineered for the flooring industry.  It contains no harmful chemicals or allergens and has some of the highest sound ratings in the market.


(STC 73, IIC 75)

Solid Sound Plus! was engineered to specifically reduce the "hollow" sound heard when walking across a hard surface flooring like laminate, and to drastically reduce sound transfer between floors.  Perfect for condos with strict strata requirements.

Cork underlayments can come in a variety of thicknesses. We've found that the most popular are the 1/4" thick cork underlayment (6mm) in strict strata regulations. 1/8" thick cork is available. 


One isn't more beneficial than the other; the only difference is the thickness. Cork underlayments can come in either rolls or sheets. If an installer needs to add height to a subfloor, he'll often choose to use the thicker 1/4 IN. cork underlayment, as most synthetic underlayments measure up at about 1/8 IN. thick. 


Many homeowners with allergies love cork as it is naturally anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal. It's important to remember that cork is naturally water resistant, but not waterproof.


(FIIC: 59)
(STC: 55)

Elastilon's self-adhesive flooring installation system works on almost any surface, eliminating the need for glue, nails, and sub-flooring.  


- Ideal for the floating applications of solid and engineered wood floors.
- Can be used over wood subfloors and concrete (not recommended for below-grade installations)
- Promotes continuous tension across the boards and helps eliminate gapping and open seams.
- This unique adhesive underlayment system allows for quicker, easy installations.


(IIC 62 and STC 54)




(STC = Sound Transmission Class)

(IIC = Impact Insulation Class)

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